HACK13's Domains

This is just a silly site to show off my poor life choices in buying and holding domains...

@[email protected] @kite552 @kite5521

My personal site

Personal link shortner

Where my blog lives

Some TLD I wasted money on

Some TLD I wasted money on

Used for my API and dev projects

Alias for my main site

Domain for my free stuff I guess?

Just to own more of my internet name

Used for all my cloud endpoints

This horrible site you see here

Used for downloads from my CDN providers

For the zip of it all


My domain for my personal etherium wallet

Professional domains for email

Former alter ego

Free Public Domain Resources

An alias to Zadaroo

Minecraft Server

My very first domain ever

Site for Neos Clocktower Games

BirdsiteLive Instance, shutdown due to Twitter API

© HACK13 - A showcase of bad finacial choices...